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Boxing for Fitness - All Levels

Simply pay for each class as and when you take them (Advanced booking only). OR book yourself in for a month of classes, ensuring you get a place to guarantee your training (max 10 per class). Boxing for fitness has become hugely popular across the globe.....


Book onto this 4 week course and you will be taken through the basics and fundamentals of boxing for fitness, like the jab, the cross, the hook and uppercut. We will integrate these techniques with easy to learn combinations and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).....


For those who have completed the HIIT & Burn, this 10 week course takes you on a journey where you will learn advanced techniques like the duck, the weave, and the body shot, together with advanced combinations, working harder.....

welcome to All-Box
About All-Box
Being the FIRST and LEADING club of its kind in the area, we provide multi level boxing for fitness training for adults of ALL ages, which incorporates boxing skills and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Using professional delivery from experienced and qualified instructors, our training will help with weight loss, building strength and stamina, stress release, core stability and self defence skills and whilst hard work, will of course be FUN! We offer structured classes, group sessions, one to one and also corporate team building events. (Training with young people (16 and under) is not yet available, however, it will be in the near future)

Our Clients Thoughts
S. Africa

Craig is a brilliant trainer! He is extremely patient with you as a student and takes time to make sure that you understand an exercise and ensures that you are performing it correctly. He pushes you to train your hardest and motivates you along the way

Saudi Arabia

I joined Craigs Boxing For Fitness and enjoyed every minute of it. Craig has the ability to take beginners and advanced participants and encourage them to challenge themselves to excel. His attention to detail and continuous encouragement throughout the sessions is something that made me go back for more. The techniques and group work created a comrade between the team and Craig's energy is contagious. What particularly impressed me was Craigs honest and practical approach. We were not going to be Chuck Norris or look like Arnie overnight, but not only did I get a good work out but had a paradigm shift in my opinion of my parameters. Thank you Craig, enjoyed it and when I am in Spain, I will bring my gloves for a few more rounds.

What are the benefits?
Weight Loss

Helping you shift that excess weight through safe and proven exercises that will leave you feeling exhausted, but having achieved!

Build Strength

Squats, Burpees, Pushups, Star crunches and more! Your muscles will get stronger with the HIIT and the punching of the pads. Believe us, you will find muscles you never knew you had!

Core Stability

Our core is everything in terms of providing us balance and stability. We need to keep this strong, especially as we get older. With plenty of core work, this will not be something you will need to worry about again!

Mental Health

Focus, concentration and controlled release really do help us maintain our mental health. Learning combinations and focussing on training hard and hitting the pads reduces stress too!


Whilst primarily a fitness club, be under no doubt as to the benefits you will get from learning valuable self defence techniques too! Hopefully you will never need to use them, but if you do....


So many people struggle with self confidence, at All-Box we will work at your pace, ensuring you learn in a comfortable and friendly way, boosting you self confidence making you realise you CAN do amazing things

Fun & Social Interaction

This is SO important, we need to have FUN when we train otherwise what is the point? With our classes fun is a big part of the training and through social interaction you will meet new people who share common goals.

Owner & Lead Instructor

Craig is a Hatton Academy Certified Instructor for Boxing for fitness. A former martial arts coach and military veteran of 23 years, Craig looks forward in welcoming you to All-Box and helping you achieve your goals.